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About Us

My name is Luiz Faye, owner and creator of Kronik Warrior Aromatherapy.

We are a small Aromatherapy and skin care business; based in South Yorkshire, specialising in 100% Natural, Organic & Vegan products. 

Aromatherapy is a natural way to help combat stress, rebalance hormone levels and reduce anxiety to name but a few.  We individually hand blend all of our products; which include topical oils to relieve pain & skin conditions, essential oil blends for ailments such as allergies & migraine and exfoliators for the face and body.  

Kronik Warrior Aromatherapy also work alongside mental health hospitals and community groups; offering an introduction to aromatherapy and creating personal, synerginistic essential oil blends and fragrance mists.  

Our topical aromatherapy oils are highly recommended and used by holistic practitioners and sports therapists whilst our skincare collections are becoming increasingly popular with beauticians.  

Our products are fully certified as safe cosmetics by the Cosmetic Safety Assessment Organisation.  We encourage our customers to love themselves and the planet,  which is why we offer a refill and recycle incentive in order to reduce packaging and our carbon footprint (recycling drop off points in Derby and Barnsley).

My passion for natural and holistic healing has a personal connection, of which I would like to share with you. 

I have degenerative disk disease and a mild form of hip dysplasia.  This started to affect me in my late 20’s, however, up to this point I was enjoying a career as a Police Officer.  

Three years ago I had a routine surgery on my hip, which unfortunately failed.  This resulted in a neuropathic pain condition, affecting the nerves in my legs.  In a nutshell, I walked in to the surgery relatively well, and I left in chronic pain, requiring the use of crutches or a wheelchair most days ever since.  I was medically discharged from the police force too.  Along with my physical health, my emotional health had also started to deteriorate.  I felt that I had lost control of many aspects of my life and that all the doctors seemed to suggest was to take another tablet, until I was taking 28 a day!   It got to a point when I decided that enough was enough and that I had to find alternative options before these illnesses consumed me!

Through adopting a clean eating diet, aromatherapy and holistic treatments, I have managed to reduce my prescription to 11 pills a day and am delighted to say that I no longer require anti-depressants!  Introducing a clean eating lifestyle and holistic therapies has been nothing less than life changing for me.  I am able to manage certain aspects of my pain, inflammation and joint mobility with topical application and improve my mood, energy levels and sleep patterns through aromatherapy inhalation and meditation techniques.

I have begun to embrace my new life’s challenges and have recently become the first UK female adaptive Boxer and ambassador representing The Great Britain Adaptive Boxing Council & WBC!

An interesting fact I have learned, is that people who suffer with chronic pain conditions are often referred to as ‘Pain Warriors’ in recognition of their fight to find comfort from a persistently painful world.  This term really resonated with me.  Since my surgery, I have had the pleasure and privilege of meeting some truly inspirational people with challenges much tougher than mine.  I actually consider myself to be one of the lucky ones.  One thing (amongst many) it has taught me though; is that every single one of us has a battle they are fighting, whether it be visible to others or not.  This in my opinion, makes us all WARRIORS!  

It is this journey that inspired me to start the business, and in April 2018, the dream became a reality and KRONIK WARRIOR Aromatherapy was born!