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About Us

My name is Luiz Faye, owner and creator of Kronik Warrior Aromatherapy.  KWA is a small aromatherapy and skin care business; based in South Yorkshire, specialising in 100% Natural, Organic & Vegan products. 

Aromatherapy is a natural way to help combat stress, rebalance hormone levels and reduce anxiety to name but a few.  We individually hand blend all of our products; which include topical oils to relieve pain and treat skin conditions, essential oil blends for ailments including allergies & migraine, and exfoliators for the face and body.  Our topical aromatherapy oils are highly recommended and used by holistic practitioners and sports therapists whilst our skincare collections are becoming increasingly popular with beauticians.  

Our products are fully certified as safe cosmetics by the Cosmetic Safety Assessment Organisation.  We encourage our customers to love themselves and the planet,  which is why we offer a refill and recycle incentive in order to reduce packaging and our carbon footprint (recycling drop off points in Derbyshire and South Yorkshire).


Kronik Warrior Aromatherapy also provides a unique and innovative service by  delivering intimate aromatherapy workshops in community settings such as, mental health hospitals, care-giving facilities and youth groups.

My passion for aromatherapy has a personal connection, of which I would like to share with you...

I have a degenerative condition which affects my disks and joints in spine, pelvis and nerves in my legs.  Although I had suffered with minor problems with my legs since childhood, this wasn't diagnosed until it began to affect me much more in my late 20's.  By the age of 31 I was using crutches or a wheelchair to get around and due to this, I was medically retired from my 10 year career in the police service.  

Through the topical application of aromatherapy oils, I found that I was able to reduce some of the physical symptoms of my condition, such as joint inflammation and muscle spasm.  I also learned that I could lift my mood and improve energy levels / sleep patterns through aromatherapy inhalation and meditation techniques.  It was from my own positive personal experiences with aromatherapy which inspired me to create blends to help manage the symptoms of others.

I have had the pleasure and privilege of meeting some truly inspirational people with challenges much tougher than mine.  I actually consider myself to be one of the lucky ones.  An interesting fact that I learned early in my journey, was that people who suffer with chronic pain conditions are often referred to as ‘Pain Warriors’, in recognition of their fight to find comfort from a persistently painful world.  This term really resonated with me.  It signified strength and determination.  As a tribute to all those battling their own personal challenges and to celebrate everything that makes us all unique, the business was named Kronik Warrior Aromatherapy.  

Explore our collections and release your inner WARRIOR!