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who we sponsor

Torben Carty & AADC Research Trust


We are super proud to be official sponsors of the AADC Research Trust.  AADC (Aromatic Amino Acid Decarboxylase Deficiency) is a rare genetic brain disease, of which there are only 130 know cases world wide.  Luiz Faye (owner and creator of Kronik Warrior Aromatherapy) has the privilege of working with Torben Carty and his family personally.  We have created a gift box of treats, priced at £10.  For every box we sell, we donate £5 to AADC research trust (available here in our onlie shop).  You can find out more about AADC at

jaime rawson - strong man


Jaime Rawson is a retired soldier who has not let his life's challenges get in the way of him following his dreams!  Jaime was medically discharged from the Army due to having severe arthritis in his knees.  Having being a successful personal trainer for a number of years, he decided in spring 2019, that he was going to train to compete as a strong man!  His training has been going well and he now has two competitions lined up in the next few weeks!  The first one is on 22nd June... we shall be reporting live on Instagram on the day!  Good luck Jaime !

You may also notice that Jaime has a blue beard!  This is because he is 6 months in to his 'Bears all' challenge, raising money for the AADC research trust!  On 1st January 2019, Jaime shaved his head and beard.  From that day he is unable to trim either of them for a whole year!  So far Jaime has raised over £700 for AADC!

Town end boxing academy, barnsley


Town End Boxing Academy is a community England Boxing  affiliated Amateur Boxing Club & functional fitness gym.  Whatever your age, experience or ability, there is class to suit you!  

Luiz Faye is a  Wheelchair Boxer, Coach and WBC Athlete Ambassador, trained by Head Coach Danny Baugh.  

We are currently supporting Sebastian Gjoka, a promising amateur boxer and Josh Williams, our Welsh representative from the WBC wheelchair Boxing Programme. 

We are able to provide muscle and and sports recovery aromatherapy oils and CBD products, to ensure our boxers are fighting fit!